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AwAsset Manager™

Urban public utilities companies are not like the products they deliver. Water, wastewater, sewer, biological and Construction Demolition waste etc. —the flow at the customer’s end is simple and straightforward. But the behind-the-scenes generation, transmission and distribution of these services can be extraordinarily complex. And recent trends are only increasing the challenges companies face.

These complex challenges affect all your core assets—physical, human and technology. For years, physical infrastructures grew with the towns and cities they served, and now they can be a century or more old. A stable workforce stayed with the company for years, but now it is gearing up for retirement, taking knowledge and experience with it. Technologies implemented for individual business units conquer specialized needs, but in doing so they have created operational and data silos that stand in the way of required company-wide processes.

As water and wastewater management challenges and costs continue to increase, information technology and collaborative innovation play a vital role in helping communities, businesses and governments deal with complex water issues. The combination of new instrumentation and exploding data volumes, new data types, and the demand for real-time responses requires a new kind of water management intelligence. Current systems are generally standalone and limited in scalability, which inhibits effective decision making across departments and organizations. Smarter water management systems need to provide an integrated operating picture with robust real-time analytics, modeling and decision support capabilities.

AwAsset Manager™ is an integrated solution designed to assist with the procurement, operation, maintenance, repair and disposal of enterprise assets. For urban utilities companies, it can be used to manage the full life cycle of assets such as power generation or water purification plants, office buildings, energy or water delivery infrastructure, transportation fleets and IT equipment and networks. It also supports the inventory, supply chain and human resources processes associated with maintaining those assets.

The solution uses advanced data management, visualization, correlation and collaboration technologies to transform the vast amounts of disparate data received from various devices (including metering systems), assets, systems and stakeholders into actionable information that can guide executive and operational decisions.