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Odour Control System

Awatech Solutions is a leading specialist in the design, supply, installation and service of effective odour control systems for many industries and processes, including; Waste Water & Effluent Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Recycling, Landfill, Composting & General Industrial Processes.

The AWA OCS is based on proven Bio Trickling Filter (BTF) Technology which utilizes patented immobilized microbial cells that are attached to a medium inside the reactor, which then oxidize the odorous constituents to odourless compounds. The odorous contaminants transfer from the gas to the liquid phase and subsequently to the microbial biofilm, or it is transferred directly from the gas to the biofilm, where it is oxidized biologically to odourless compounds. The oxidative by-products are then removed thru Trickling Effluent.

The AWA OCS is based on the concept of the Bio-Trickling Filter is designed to clean the Polluted Air with significant removal of hazardous gases such as H2S, VOC etc. BTF process relies completely on Biological Process, thus it is Environmentally Friendly and has a very Low Operating Cost.


The AWA OCS is a Revolutionary Technovative Odour Control System with leading experience in Odour Control Engineering. It is available in Modular Design in the capacities up to 500 m3.



Engineered flow channels provide uniform airflow throughout the media which optimizes contact between air and biomass.


Stable system performance is possible at high mass loadings (> 50 mg H2S m3/hr.) and very low Residence time (≤ 3s)


Proven effective against offensive odours including hydrogen Sulfide, ammonia, and other organic Sulphur and nitrogen-based compounds


Automation System: PLC-HMI based Outdoor Type Electrical cum Control Panel for the ease of system controlling