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Digital Technology for Resource & Asset Management

Digital technology provides astounding possibilities for meeting the environmental challenges & asset protection the industries face. Awatech constantly innovates to support our customers and boost the performance of their facilities, by putting data to work to prevent unplanned downtime, extend asset life and reliability, maximize productivity, and meet regulations.

As a part of our responsible growth initiative, we are committed to delivering solutions and technologies that are good for clients, good for people and good for the environment.

Awatech is at the forefront of developing and integrating advanced technologies and applications critical to successful Water Management, Wastewater Management and Asset management challenges around the infrastructure facility.

  • Turn data from multiple sources into meaningful information
  • Visualize current conditions and their trajectory
  • Diagnose problems and discover opportunities for improvement
  • Alert your team to events or trends before they threaten asset production or integrity
  • Report on key performance indicators and their impact on business objectives
  • Improve the operation of your water treatment assets

By aggregating and analyzing the thousands of complex data points from throughout an operation, we provide users with greater visibility and transparency at a plant level, or across the entire enterprise.

Leveraging data and analytics to maximize productivity

Our cloud-based solution, uses data and analytics to help ensure water treatment assets operate at optimal performance. It connects key plant assets - like tanks, boilers, cooling towers, and more - into a single digital environment that can be accessed by operators anywhere in the world, at any time.

Improving operations of water treatment assets


The Internet of Things, or IOT, is a rapidly evolving area that brings together people, machines, and data to enable industrial assets to perform at elevated output, efficiency, and reliability levels. IOT-based Asset Performance Management tools are designed specifically to improve the life of critical assets while reducing ongoing operating costs.


A comprehensive service program tailored to address the overall performance of water treatment assets on board. Take advantage of a single source for products and a preventative maintenance program to fit your system's requirements.

Service Reliability Center (SRC)

Awatech Technologies are backed by a promising network of industry recognised technology experts with a core IoT cloud solution designers and developers having 360 degree support desk.