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Wastewater Treatment Process Optimization

AWATECH’s Wastewater Process Optimization Solutions addresses engineering, efficiency and upgradation issues of the Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

All Wastewater Treatment Process involves human participation in line with mechanical, instrumentation, automation, electrical, chemical and biological elements and the ultimate results, to be effective and reliable, depend upon the correct operations.

The rise in the nutrient compound in municipal wastewater is a trending issue in wastewater treatment. The conventional biological treatment designed to meet secondary treatment effluent standard typically do not remove these harmful nutrients. In our smart upgradation solution we address this issues by incorporating different technologies that are capable of enhancing the conventional biological processes as per the regulatory requirement.

Our fully automated, sensor based smart solution will optimize the major wastewater treatment components.

In our methodology we begin with thorough evaluation and review of the process parameters, internal and external elements that affects the process. As an end solution, we implement a robust Fully Automated and Flexible treatment process that can withstand the varying influent loads and environmental conditions.

Final Optimized System will provide On-line Control, Flexibility towards varying influent loads and whether condition.

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