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Urban Stormwater Solutions

AWA Storm Filter
AWA Storm Filter™ filtration media is engineered exclusively for wastewater and water applications. It is designed to maximize solids removal over a wide range of particle sizes. Its thick, pile construction allows filtered solids to be stored, unlike microscreen media, to extend the time between backwashes. A uniquely designed cloth fiber backing support structure promotes thorough cleaning of the media for optimum performance.
At AwaStromSol we are committed to providing cost-effective stormwater management solutions to engineers, owners and municipalities that are customized to each individual site's needs. Whether you need to slow or reduce volume from your project site, protect waterways and maintain storm water quality, or hold water for harvesting or reuse, StormTrap’s water management systems can address all these needs with one customized system.
AwaFiltero is an engineered bio filtration device with components that make it similar to bio retention in pollutant removal and application, but has been optimized for high volume/flow treatment in a compact system. Its small footprint allows AwaFiltero to be used on highly developed sites such as landscaped areas, parking lots, and streetscapes. AwaFilter is adaptable and can be used alone or in combination with perforated pipes or chambers to optimize runoff reduction..
AwaStorm Swirl
The AwaStorm Swirl Concentrator is a hydrodynamic separator, which provides a highly effective means for the removal of TSS (course/ fine sediment), floating debris and free-oil. The patented AwaStorm Swirl Concentrator, a hydrodynamic separator, provides a highly effective means for the removal of sediment and free-oil and floating debris. Typically designed in an “off-line” configuration, the AwaStorm Swirl Concentrator can effectively treat the water quality flow.