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Water Systems

Awatech Solutions servicing its customers with performance-proven, quality products, solutions and systems that are adaptable to the changing demands of the water and water treatment for small to medium sized municipalities to large metro areas.

Our challenge is to provide equipment and engineered solutions that are highly suitable for the environment and as per the actual demand. We engage in close cooperation with our clients, studying their actual situation on site to reach suitable solutions.

Waste Water

Our experience in design, manufacturing, building and operation of wastewater treatment plants let the idea mature to offer all equipment in one package for quick and reliable realization.

The complete plant is ready to mount as package unit in standard ISO containers for easy transport and quick delivery. All equipment are designed, selected and assembled in our quality certified manufacturing workshops as per International Quality.

Storm Water

Awatech Solutions provides systems and equipment for the treatment of stormwater with Advanced Treatment Technologies.

Whether you need to simply separate sward from stormwater, to clean wash water for reuse, or achieve clarity acceptable to your local municipality, all our solutions and systems are designed for specific application. There are equipment technology options for all phases of the life-cycle, including particle filtration, membrane separation.

Solutions and Systems

Ultrafiltration system offers distinct advantages.
Meets virtually and tertiary filtration requirements.
Enhanced performance for Municipal water Recycle/Reuse.
designed to provide economical stormwater treatment.